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Gold Coast Marketing & Sales Education Events

 We all strive to achieve page one Google organic rank, loads of traffic, a thriving social community and the website conversions to match - so where is your time best spent to achieve these results?By combining a strong online marketing strategy with a refined sales process - you will have the ideal Attract + Convert model.Join Chris Hogan and Simon Bell for a two hour collaboration on how to achieve a holistic marketing strategy and achieve some real results for your business. You will walk away feeling armed and motivated - with proven tactics to set yourself ahead of the competition.


Thank you for those of you who have already attended one of Chris and Simon's Attract + Convert event. We've had very positive reviews and we're looking forward to delivering more valuable content in the areas of Marketing and Sales.

Previously Chris discussed what the available marketing channels are for your business and the importance of creating persona profiles for your marketing; including some useful tips and tricks on how to develop your personas.

At the upcoming events Chris would like to hone in on specific search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics for your business and integrating a content marketing strategy with your social media marketing.


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